What kind of attention are you going for?

What kind of attention are you going for?

getting attention through dress and piercingsHave you noticed the way some girls dress for middle school?

On one extreme you’ll see girls in half shirts, so that their belly buttons show, and jeans so tight they can’t fit a phone inside their pocket. On the other extreme you have the sloppy look; baggy sweats or pajama bottoms, and socks with Adidas sandals.

I have to tell you, I almost caved and let my daughter wear these things when she first started 6th grade. I wanted her to “fit in” and I didn’t want to be the prudish mom she resented. But I got over myself and my insecurities. I realized I was not doing her any favors by allowing her to “fit in” by compromising her self-respect. The way we dress reflects the way we feel about ourselves.

If you feel the need for attention, you dress in ways that get attention. Is showing off our bodies or mutilating ourselves with piercings going to achieve the kind of attention that creates a healthy attitude? Or dressing so that it looks like we just rolled out of bed? I’m going to say no to this.

It’s healthy for children to seek attention, but it can be done in healthy ways. My son wore T-shirts with funny sayings for about a year. He got loads of attention for that, and other kids looked forward to the next day’s T-shirt. He felt good about himself because he made other people laugh. But just yesterday we went shopping for new T-shirts and he told me he was “over” wearing funny ones because he didn’t want the attention anymore! lol!

As for my daughter, she is a senior in high school now, and if I wear something she feels is inappropriate, she let’s me know. I don’t argue either, because it’s what I taught her! Do you agree that the way we dress reflects the way we feel about ourselves?

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