Tooth Fairytale Contest

Stretch your imagination…

what does the tooth fairy do with our teethDon’t be shy, let the whole family give it a try!

After reading “What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth? you are bound to come up with your own creative ideas for what the Tooth Fairy might do with our teeth, and I would love to hear them! Send them in and you could win a prize!

Contest rules:

Create an idea and send it in.  That’s it.  Send in as many as you’d like! We will select one winner each month.


$10 gift certificate to

*All incoming entries will be judged for the following month. For example, if an entry comes in September, you will be notified via email in October (only if you’re a winner).

I wish you Fairy Good Luck!

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Want to be in the Flash the Fairy Gallery?  Send in a picture of you with that beautiful toothless smile!  Or, send in a picture of you holding What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth.

The winners of a $10 Amazon gift card for July, August and September are:

Sutton, age 8, from California. Kennedy, age 5, from Nebraska. Bainey, age 5, from California!!

Here’s what Sutton imagines the Tooth Fairy doing with our teeth: I think that the tooth fairy has a magic room that turns our teeth to money. With that money, she gives it to the next kids who lost their teeth. She takes their teeth, puts them in her magic room, and makes more money for the NEXT kids who lose their teeth. This makes sense because the tooth fairy can’t go into a bank to get the tooth money.

This is what Kennedy thinks; The tooth fairy uses our teeth to make clothes for herself. She makes shirts and dresses.

And finally, here’s what Bainey thinks; I think she (the Tooth Fairy) makes books and games out of the teeth.

Congratulations everyone! What great imaginations!

 Thank you to everyone else for entering!  I read every single answer but unfortunately can only pick one. Please try again, and tell all your friends!

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