Tooth Fairytale Contest

Stretch your imagination…

what does the tooth fairy do with our teethDon’t be shy, let the whole family give it a try!

After reading “What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth? you are bound to come up with your own creative ideas for what the Tooth Fairy might do with our teeth, and I would love to hear them! Send them in and you could win a prize!

Contest rules:

Create an idea and send it in.  That’s it.  Send in as many as you’d like! We will select one winner each month.


$10 gift certificate to

*All incoming entries will be judged for the following month. For example, if an entry comes in September, you will be notified via email in October (only if you’re a winner).

I wish you Fairy Good Luck!

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The winners of an Amazon gift card for the months of January – July are…(Since I have been very behind on picking winners I have chosen multiple winners for multiple months!)

January—Miss Nance’s Kindergarten class, from Illinois!

Here’s what Maria Johnson from Ms. Nance’s Kindergarten class thinks the Tooth Fairy does with our teeth…“She will make them into a bracelet with balls on it.””

What a great idea, and what great teamwork in this Kindergarten class! Our best ideas come when we play off each other. Congratulations on winning a $10 Amazon gift card!

February—Ann Padamadon from Georgia!

Here’s what eight year old Ann thinks the Tooth Fairy does with our teeth— “I think the tooth fairy waits for a few months until a baby is old enough to have teeth.Then, (it would be the sibling if they have one) she will go out once again when everyone is sleeping with the tooth and give it to the baby with her magic powers.”

Love this well thought out answer! Congratulations Ann!

March—Guiliana Militello from California!

This is what six year old Guiliana thinks the Tooth Fairy does with our teeth—”I think the tooth fairy changes them into gold coins and gives them to the kids like me.”

I think that one is in my book, so it’s also what I think! Congratulations Guiliana!

April—Luca Patkowa from Illinois!

Six year old Luca thinks the Tooth Fairy “gives the teeth to other little kids who don’t have any so they can eat with them.”

I love this altruistic idea, don’t you? Congratulations Luca!

May—Noah Stuever from Illinois!

Five year old Noah thinks the Tooth Fairy “turns the teeth into presents and gives them to Santa Claus so he can give them to other little kids who are 3 or 4 or 2 or 1 for Christmas.”

I really think this is a clever answer, because I love how the Tooth Fairy is working with Santa Claus! Congratulations Noah!

June—Lars Patkowa from Illinois

This is what nine year old Lars thinks the Tooth Fairy does with our teeth—”I think that they [Tooth Fairies] have their own world, and they use [these] teeth as currency.”

Love it. Clever family, the Patkowa’s! Thank you for taking the time to enter my contest! Congratulations on the amazon gift cards!

July—Emily and Kendall from New York, ages 12&9 (we have a tie)

This is what Kendall thinks the Tooth Fairy does with our teeth— “I think the Tooth Fairy changes our teeth into money, and gives the money to other children.”

This is what Emily thinks the Tooth Fairy does with our teeth—”I think the Tooth Fairy uses our teeth build herself a castle to live in.”

Lovely ideas girls. Thanks you for entering, and congratulations on winning an Amazon gift card!

 Thank you to everyone else for entering!  I read every single answer but unfortunately can only pick one. Please try again, and tell all your friends!

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