The Tooth Fairy by Addison R

The Tooth Fairy by Addison R

what does the tooth fairy do with our teethA magical being a Tooth Fairy, unique unlike the 

rest. Wears a sparkling tutu, not a green leprechaun 

vest. She takes each tooth as quiet as a sleuth, she 

goes through the window, not the chimney or the 

roof. She leaves a coin under the pillow. Then takes 

flight as the wind billows. Up, up she soars up past 

the trees. She feels free as a bird gliding on the breeze. 

With all the pollen in the air let’s hope she doesn’t 

sneeze! Up there in the air, she flies to and fro, the 

higher she climbs it starts to snow. High in the snow 

capped mountain tops, she flies to the peak and stops. 

She stops to rest and take in the view. She flies 

the same route every night that turns to morning, 

everything is new! Children all over are rolling over, 

and finding that overnight, the Tooth Fairy 

included their house on her trip of flight. 

This beautiful, creative, funny poem was written by Addison R,

a 7th grade student at Amherst Middle School.

She was inspired by my book, What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth? 

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