The Empty Nest


This is how many seconds of your life you spent taking care of your kids before they were legally considered adults.

In every one of these seconds they were either in your arms, in your view or in your thoughts.

Sometimes you wished you had more time for yourself, but you never really wished you didn’t have these little beings to love and nurture. You gave them life (or at least the life they’re in), and they became your whole world. You don’t even remember what life was like before them. Who did you used to be again? It doesn’t matter, because you’d never go back there anyway.

The day comes when they’re ready to leave the nest. What will you do with your seconds now? There are so many of them! How is it that the seconds before flew by in such a rush, but the impending seconds have so much endless space between them?

Space. Time. Emptiness.

Your children struggle too, as they prepare to fly the coop. There’s so much they do not know, but they’re willing to fly anyway. To them, space and time are not empty. Of course it’s a little scary, a little intimidating, but they know something maybe you’ve forgotten; all the possibility the world has to offer lives in this place.

They are willing to show up with all of their fears and insecurities because they have hopes and dreams to fulfill. They are answering the call of the Unknown. Will you?

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