Parents, Be Happy For Your Children To Read the I AM HAPPY Series!

What is the happy place?

The happy place is a feeling within us. When we’re happy everything feels good and easy. We are glad to be alive. Happiness is something we are born with, and it never leaves us. 

What does a happy child feel like?

A happy child feels excited by life and sees opportunity everywhere. They feel eager for new experiences. They feel like they matter, so they know they deserve good things and are confident they will get them. They have everything to prove, so they live life as if it were made of fun. Maybe it was?

What would prevent someone from being happy? 

Negative thoughts. 

How do we live without negative thoughts?

We don’t need to live without negative thoughts. We need to learn how to find our happy place in spite of them.

The I AM HAPPY series of picture books for children are about finding the happy place when we lose sight of it. All children experience negative thinking in some form, and we don’t want them to focus on them for long. Instead, we want to reinforce happiness, again and again, so that they never forget where to find it. My books are that loving reminder.

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