New Picture Book Series, I FEEL HAPPY!

Children are born happy, and we want to keep them that way. They will face situations where they must decide how they want to feel. I wrote a series of picture books for ages four to eight called, I Feel Happy, so children can stay happy forever.

Even though happiness is natural all children experience pain. I address different kinds of triggers a child might have which would cause them to feel unhappy. I show them how to choose the thought and action that makes them happy.

It could be as simple as being embarrassed about having to wear glasses for the first time or as tragic as having to live with only one parent. The pain is there, and it is real, but the happiness is still there as well. My books will allow children to see that they can always find that happiness, even in the midst of their pain.

I have also written a blog series called I Feel Happy. Each blog is composed of one of the triggers from my books, along with its solution to happiness. They are short and sweet and can be read with your child.

I was able to write these books/blogs because I spent many years teaching myself how to be happy, and these are the condensed versions of everything I learned. My hope is that after reading these books/blogs children will never have to learn how to be happy, but will always remember.

I hope to have these books traditionally published one day soon!

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