New Picture Book Series, I AM HAPPY!

There was a time when we were truly happy. We actually looked for happiness, never thinking we wouldn’t find it. We explored the world around us without fear, only curiosity. We were sad and angry sometimes, but only because it was necessary for us to know what we didn’t like. Soon we were on to being happy again. We were children. 

Children have the power to live in the world as if they belong. That power is happiness. Happiness is the force that inspires us to live with eagerness and excitement at best, and acceptance at the very least. If happiness is that powerful why would anyone want to outgrow it? The truth is, we don’t, but it could happen without us realizing it. I have written a series of picture books for children that will not only prevent them from outgrowing happiness, they will become aware of their right to be happy, even in sticky situations. 

The I AM HAPPY series of picture books for ages four to eight is the answer to the question parents ask: “How can my children grow up to be happy in this crazy world?”

Thoughts are so powerful they can literally make or break a person. We want to make our children. We want to empower them to think healthy thoughts and to become aware of how to find happiness, especially when  tested. We want to expose them to the tools they already have, which guide them towards happiness, naturally. 

I was able to write these books/blogs because I spent many years teaching myself how to be happy, and these are the condensed versions of everything I learned. My hope is that after reading these books/blogs children will never have to learn how to be happy, but will always remember.

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