Tooth Fairy, You Have Some Explaining To Do

It took a year to complete, but my new children’s book, Tooth Fairy, You Have Some Explaining To Do! is finally here! I am so proud of this book. I feel I was able to tell the exact story I wanted to tell, in the exact way I wanted to tell it.

It’s about a child who did not get a visit from the Tooth Fairy. If this has ever happened in your house you know this can be a significant disappointment for a child.

I wanted this book to be filled with so much love, humor and beauty that any child reading it, who had this same experience, would feel completely healed. Yes, I think books have the magical power to heal!  

It’s written from the perspective of Child, an adorable gender-neutral character. Child, disappointed and trying to make sense of what happened, humorously wonders if maybe they did something to scare the Tooth Fairy away; Maybe I snored just a little too loud and scared you away like a dark thunder cloud? 

Mom, feeling flustered and a little guilty, tries to play it off by searching Child’s room. She says; The Tooth Fairy can be clever, I’ve seen it before. Sometimes she leaves a dollar bill on the floor! Search all the nooks, and the crannies, too, and don’t be afraid to fish around in your shoe!” 

They don’t find any money in the room, but they do find a colorful bird sitting on the window ledge, a letter from the Tooth Fairy in it’s beak. In the letter the Tooth Fairy apologizes for not coming; I hope you can forgive me for not stopping by. I would never, on purpose, make a sweet child cry, she soothes. But sometimes things happen—mix-ups and mistakes. When I miss someone’s house, it makes my heart break.

She goes on to explain, in detail, what went wrong that night, and why she couldn’t come. Child learns just how important all children and their teeth are to the Tooth Fairy, and happily forgives her. Child also learns that even though things don’t always go as planned, perspective makes all the difference, and there’s always tomorrow”. 


I hope you and your children enjoy this book as much I enjoyed writing it. I would love to hear your thoughts, so don’t be shy!

 Watch the book trailer.

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