If I Had Another Day

If I Had Another Day

By Denise Barry

If I had another day…

I would laugh out loud, even in a really quiet room filled with stuffy people.

I would jump in the pool with my kids when they asked, and even get my hair wet.

I would go to the movies alone. I would order the largest popcorn and the biggest drink, and enjoy every bit of it.

I would say NO when I meant NO. No guilt. No regrets. No explaining.

I would say YES when I meant YES. No guilt. No regrets. No explaining.

I would ask WHY. Often.

I would know that I am just as good as the lady with the triple degree, the high powered job and the “perfect” family.

I would choose my own company over “just anybody’s”. I would enjoy time well spent with myself and not feel sorry.

I would let my son run around in a princess dress without getting embarrassed, because he’s three and who really cares? If he were 23, again, who really cares? And who cares who really cares?

I would know that I was strong to have refrained from buying my kids all the designer labels the other kids have, because this made them know they were better than a label. .

I would write a book and not care if I’m the only one who reads it.

I would give a quarter to a homeless person, a dollar, twenty of them….and not feel like a sucker.

I would trust myself and not need to ask a hundred people for the answer.

I would tell my husband I love him in the middle of an argument.

I would hug my kids often, and for more than a second. 

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