I Am Happy When I Treat An Animal With Kindness

I am happy when I treat an animal with kindness.

I know it is happy too, when it crawls in my lap and purrs.

When you are gentle with an animal, how do you know it is happy?

~excerpt from Book One of the I Am Happy picture book series

Who does not love animals? They are soooo easy to love. I personally love dogs. With their kind eyes, soft fur, and those big floppy ears. OMG I just want to run up to them and squeeze them!

But all animals have feelings, and some animals feel uncomfortable being approached without warning. They may react in a way we would not like. They could harm us out of fear. It is best to treat all animals with respect. By that, I mean being kind to them by waiting for them to come to us. 

A dog may smell you for a bit before it’s comfortable. If she nudges your hand you know it’s okay to pet her. But if she barks or growls that means she wants you to stay away. Maybe she will change her mind, maybe she won’t. It is her right and her decision and we must respect her. 

A cat may crawl into your lap, which is a not-so-discreet way to say, okay cuddle me please! But if it hisses or arches its back that means, “Leave me alone, I am afraid of you.” 

Now a cheetah, or a bear, or a rhinoceros…I think you know what to do if you see one of those. Run!!!!

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