I Am Happy When I Go To The Doctor

I am happy when I go to the doctor
even though I get butterflies in my tummy sometimes.
It makes me feel good to know I am healthy. 
When you go to the doctor do you get butterflies in your tummy?

~excerpt from the I Am Happy series of children’s picture books


Why should we be happy to go to the doctor when all they do is poke and prod and make us change into gowns that show off our butts? Oh, and the shots. Sometimes they even give us shots!

Because doctors know how to talk to our bodies, and that is really important for our health. If our body needs something it tells the doctor, and the doctor understands what that something is.

Sometimes it needs medicine. Sometimes it needs exercise. Sometimes it needs to get an X-ray because the doctor wants to make sure they get the therapy right.

Sometimes the body doesn’t need anything at all, not even a shot! I like those times best, don’t you?

Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, and medical staff for caring for us so well. We appreciate you.

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