I Am Happy When I Forgive Someone

I am happy when I forgive someone,
even though they hurt my feelings.

Forgiving feels better than being angry.

Have you ever forgiven anybody?

~excerpt from I Am Happy series of children’s picture books

We all make mistakes, so the odds of us getting hurt by something someone said or did is highly likely.

The best way to deal with hurt feelings is to try to forgive the person who hurt you. What does it mean to forgive someone?

To forgive means to understand. So, you are choosing to understand why someone hurt you, whether they did it on purpose or by accident.

If someone says or does something hurtful to you on purpose it helps to know that when someone is hurtful it is because they feel bad inside. They may have been hurt by someone else at one time and this hurt comes pouring out of them, on to other people. Maybe if they had forgiven the person who hurt them they would not want to hurt you.

If someone hurt you without meaning to, there is not that much to understand. Only that they made a mistake, and we all do that sometimes.

Forgiveness is a choice. If we choose to stay upset we will feel bad. If we choose to forgive we will feel good.


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