I Am Happy When I Am Wearing Exactly What I Want To Wear

I am happy when I am wearing exactly what I want to wear.

Even if it is a little crazy.

What do you like to wear? Is it crazy?

~excerpt from Book Two of the I Feel Happy series of children’s picture books

I was in third grade when I realized, for the first time, that clothes can make you feel pretty dang amazing. 

The funniest thing is, on the day I realized this, I was wearing a pair of pants that did not flatter me at all. They were too short and too tight. Oh, and they were stained. Yes, sometimes I used my pants as a napkin. Don’t judge.

When I got home from school that day my mother took one look at me and gasped; “You went to school like that? OMG, what will people think?”

I was stunned, because even though I knew my pants were a little crazy looking, I never thought anyone would think I shouldn’t wear them.

Why would anyone care if I was wearing something crazy? I guess it’s because they have their own ideas of what they would and would not wear. But they are different than me, so why would I dress like them? That would mean I was not being true to myself, and if I’m not true to myself how can I feel beautiful? 

To this day sometimes I wear clothes that maybe most people wouldn’t. But I always feel beautiful when I get dressed. 

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