How to make soap on a rope

How to make soap on a rope
homemade Soap On A Rope
homemade Soap On A Rope

A couple weeks ago I went to North Collins Elementary School to promote my book Soap On A Rope, and let me tell you, it was quite an experience! They went all out to ensure that the kids and I had the best visit possible. And we did!

One of the fun things the kindergarten teachers did before my visit was to make real life soap on a rope, also known as ‘soap clouds’.

They used Ivory soap, a microwave, and their hands to create awesome little bars of soap. Then they molded a piece of string into the mix and voila’, you have soap on a rope!

What a great thing to do with your child! Here’s how…

What you need:

IVORY SOAP (it’s the only soap that will work)

A MICROWAVE (parental supervision recommended)


A LITTLE WATER (to remake the soap into a different form)


Place the IVORY SOAP on a sheet of wax paper in the microwave.

Run the microwave for between 2-3 minutes depending on the size of your microwave. The soap will expand into a big cloud.

Caution when taking the soap out as the bottom of the soap will be hot.

Let cloud sit for a few minutes to cool.

The cloud breaks easily so you may wish to feel, smush, break apart the cloud over a cloth, bowl or some other item that cleans up easily.

NOTE: The flaky chunks are easily brushed or vacuumed up in comparison to trying to wipe up with a sponge.

You can use cookie cutters to make balls into shapes, add food coloring for colored soap, or crumble it up to make it snow in the bath tub.

Enjoy having some good, clean fun with your family and don’t forget to check out my new book Soap On A Rope!




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