How to make Christmas morning last forever.

scavenger hunt
scavenger hunt

Holidays go so fast, especially Christmas morning! You’ve shopped for weeks, spent hours wrapping presents, and went through more money than you actually made throughout the year. Then, on THE morning, the gifts are opened before Santa can get back up the chimney.

Here are a few fun ideas my husband and I created to make christmas morning more exciting, and last forever (well, not forever, because who really wants that? But at least until Santa is back at the North Pole!). It’s also a great way to save money, and who doesn’t like that?

1. Make coupons. Lots of them! They should be useful for the recipient, and you must intend to use them.

For my kids, we’ve given them coupons for a date out with each of us separately, and they get to pick what we do. The number one rule is….we can’t complain about what they pick (thankfully they’ve outgrown Chuck-E-Cheese though).

For my husband, I may give him a night out with his friends where I am in charge of the kids. I love when my husband gives me coupons for a home cooked meal on him, or a massage. I usually use them by the next week. lol!

2. Tape one of these coupons (or a $5 bill) to the bottom inner flap of a really big box, then fill it with lots of crunched up paper. It takes forever to find what’s inside the box, and it’s really fun to watch!

3. Make a scavenger hunt! This is my favorite. It takes a little time to figure out how to work the clues, but it’s worth it. You hide a gift somewhere in the house and then write clues on a piece of paper (you can even wrap the clues in a box to make it more exciting). Each clue directs you to the next place to go.

I have my family running up and down and all around sometimes. It’s hysterical! At the end, they get the gift.

You can make this as elaborate as you want; I like to rhyme my clues, as this always gets a good giggle. Putting small gifts in with each clue is really fun too.

4. Secretly save one gift until breakfast is over, or for later in the day. It could be the “special” one, a sentimental one, or a stocking stuffer you “forgot”. The idea is that christmas morning hasn’t ended yet!

Have you done anything I haven’t mentioned here? I would love some new ideas!


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