Being Angry Makes Life Hard

My son’s car got hit by a wayward baseball last night. I think the middle schooler at bat could be a future olympian because that ball smashed Nolan’s back window to smithereens, from quite a distance!

The guy who came to fix Nolan’s window did me a big favor by putting me before another client, knowing I wasn’t at home with the car. It was a nice thing to do, but it turned sour fast.

Anything that went wrong or appeared to be going wrong upset this guy. He literally went from laughing one second to yelling the next. He yelled at his employee for not vacuuming up the glass good enough, he yelled at the insurance lady on the phone for not giving him a claim number fast enough, he even yelled at me when he thought I lost my insurance card (he had it in his pocket the whole time). It was very stressful and unsettling. I wondered how many people’s days would be impacted negatively by this guy’s uncontrolled anger?

I left as soon as I could, even before the job was done. But not before I tipped him. I thought about giving him only half of what I had planned. Why would I generously tip this guy who was so incredibly rude? But I took a deep breath and found a reason. I remembered how grateful I was that he had put me first. That gratitude grew into compassion for him and I silently wished him a good day. Then I drove home and noticed how pretty the trees looked in bloom and I called my husband to made plans for a fun Friday night.

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