About Me

children's author

When I was eight years old all I wanted for Christmas was a typewriter. I wanted to become a “writer” and I didn’t know I could write without a typewriter (ha ha). I knew my parents couldn’t afford to buy me one though, so I prayed to Santa Claus, the way some people pray to God, and asked him to bring me one instead. The jolly old guy came through for me that year, and I got myself a shiny red typewriter!

I wrote songs with it, and a few poems, but as the months rolled by so did my interests. I abandoned my beloved typewriter for a while, along with my love of writing.

I went to school for a long time, then worked for the United States Customs Service for an even longer time. When my kids were born I became a stay-at-home mom and quickly learned that if I didn’t do something fun, just for me, I’d go crazy. So in between mashing carrots and making play dates, I began writing again.

I learned that when I sat down to write, I never wanted to stop. Nothing made me feel as complete as writing did. Being able to create something out of pure imagination was amazing to me, and still is. Imagination is our gift from the universe, after all.

sears-adventureWhen I finally acknowledged that writing is what I was meant to do, I got serious. I sat down and wrote the children’s book WHAT DOES THE TOOTH FAIRY DO WITH OUR TEETH?. That was a challenge because not only was I attempting to answer an age old question in a unique way, I wanted it to rhyme as well.  To me, this book is a perfect blend of beauty (the illustrations!!), fun and creativity. It offers loads of ideas for what the Tooth Fairy might do with our teeth, while still allowing kids to use their own imaginations. This book won a Gold Mom’s Choice award in 2015 and continues to sell steadily since its publication in 2013. It is currently in its 3rd printing.

My other books include, SOAP ON A ROPE, also a Gold Mom’s Choice award winner, and my newest book which will be released in May 2019, TOOTH FAIRY, YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO!. 

I hope you check out my books and my blog called Raisin’ Kids — it’s for parents who want to raise adults, not adult children.

You’re never too little to dream big, nor too big to dream…