A Halloween Invitation

A Halloween Invitation

I found this in my old files.  It’s a homemade Halloween invitation I created to the song “its bits spider”. Feel free to use it and adjust it to your needs!!


wondering how to send out a fun halloween invitation?Join the Barry’s for Halloween!

The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the Barry’s house,

Down came a lightening bolt and zapped the spider out.

Up came the moon and lit up their spooky scene

And that’s when the spider got a little mean…

It called all its friends and set out to make a mess.

They webbed their way throughout the house and had a blast, we guess.

We found some snakes and set them free to slither all about,

And have a meal of spider mush or maybe spiderkraut.

And now the snakes are everywhere – they slither really fast!

We’ll have to scare them one by one, until they’re gone at last.

We’ll put out scary monsters, and ghosts and witches and bats.

And just for fun, we’ll throw in one – a political bureaucrat!

We have a special plan this year so bring your “mental wit”-

A challenge of the mind awaits!  It’s different, we admit!

October 30, on Friday night, at 6pm we begin…

Dress up or down, to shock or scare, a prize you just may win!


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